Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal
Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal AFP file

A military court in the Gaza Strip has sentenced a Palestinian Authority resident to death for collaborating with Israel and another to life with hard labor, the Hamas interior ministry said on Thursday, according to the AFP news agency,

The 43-year-old, identified only by his initials AH, "has been sentenced to capital punishment for acts of collaboration with the occupation", a ministry statement said.

It said the life term was handed down to the second man, a 53-year-old identified as FM.

It was the third death sentence announced this year by the Islamist terrorist movement.

Two Palestinian Authority Arabs were hanged in April 2010 for collaboration with Israel in the first executions carried out by Hamas, which seized Gaza in June 2007 from the secular Fatah movement.

Under Palestinian law, collaborators, murderers and drugs traffickers all face the death penalty, according to AFP.