Soldiers patrol Jordanian border
Soldiers patrol Jordanian borderIsrael news photo: IDF spokesmen

Eight members of a hareidi family from Beit Shemesh were arrested late Wednesday – in Jordan – after they crossed the border from Israel. A report on Channel Two Thursday morning said that the crossing took place in the area of Nachal Hayoun, in the Arava desert. Israeli officials are negotiating an arrangement to return the family to Israel.

The report said that Jordanian officials had informed Israel of the arrests, after the officials determined that the Israelis had crossed the border. In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that they were aware of the case and had been in touch with the relevant groups and individuals in Israel and Jordan. “We are working in full cooperation with Jordan and are taking advantage of our good relations with them.”

It was unclear why the family crossed the border. Officials said that the crossing may have been accidental, as the border in the area may not have been clearly marked.