Belz hassidim
Belz hassidimFlash 90

Thousands of hassidim were in attendance on Tuesday evening for the wedding of the grandson of the Belzer rebbe in Jerusalem.

The Belz Hassidic dynasty and its adherents were decimated by the Holocaust. Their return to a prominent position in the hassidic world, with tens of thousands of hassidim, close-knit communities, a school system, synagogues and study halls, including a landmark synagogue in Jerusalem, is a miracle that the hassidim feel merits that each dynastic wedding be a large and unforgettable celebration.

Arutz Sheva brings you videos and photos from the wedding. The videos include lots of music, which is an integral part of the hassidut of Belz. They have a renowned and wonderful choir of men and boys and have put out many CD's that are popular in the religious world.

The song at the beginning of the first video wishes all Jews good omens and mazel tov. The song at the end wishes that the couple be the start of generations of righteous and kingly Jews and build a house that stands forever.

The second video shows older, venerable Belz hassidim who are placed closer to the wedding canopies, standing there to honor their Rebbe at his simcha.

The third video shows one of the seven blessings said at the end of the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. Hassidic brides have their faces covered with a thick veil, not only for modesty, but also to recall the Matriarch Leah, whose face was covered so heavily that Jacob did not know she was not Rachel at the wedding ceremony.

Photos by Flash 90