Teitel in court (file)
Teitel in court (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Attorneys for Yaakov “Jack” Teitel have appealed his life sentence to the Supreme Court. Teitel was sentenced to two life terms and 30 years in prison for two murders and a string of bombings.

He has been dubbed the “Jewish terrorist” in the media due to the fact that he targeted Arabs, Christians and members of the far Left.

Teitel’s attorneys say the court that handed down his sentence ignored findings regarding his mental health that could have proven diminished responsibility.

Teitel committed the first murder for which he was convicted in the mid-1990s, as an American tourist in Israel. He later became a citizen, and in 2006 resumed his attacks with several bombings that caused injury but no fatalities.

Four months ago judges Tzvi Segal, Moshe Drori and Yoad Cohen convicted Teitel and determined that his mental state did not diminish his responsibility for the crimes for which he was convicted.

Judge Yoad Cohen, who handed down his sentence wrote, “Any human, as a human, and certainly any Jew as a Jew, must uphold the commandment ‘you shall not murder’ for racism, particularly in light of the bitter and tragic fate of the Jewish people in recent generations. Racism based on a person’s ethnic background or religious affiliation is completely unacceptable, in Judaism as well.”