Defaced tomb
Defaced tomb Arutz Sheva

Arab vandals defaced the tomb of Shimon Ben Yaakov – believed to be the burial place of the father of one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

While the tomb – located near Kibbutz Eyal, just off Route 6 – is not one of the most popular or well-known tombs of forefathers, it is frequented on a more or less daily basis by Jews.

Those who came there in recent days found that the tomb has been desecrated and defaced, and that Arabic graffiti has been smeared all over it.

An IDF soldier who frequents the site said that he believes Muslims painted the site in Islamic colors to show that it belongs to them. The graffiti appears to say "the Tomb of Shamun (Shimon)."

Photographs of the defaced site have been handed over to an NGO that specializes in renovation of holy sites.

credit: ערוץ 7
credit: ערוץ 7