Berlin Flash 90

Anti-Semites in Berlin have been intimidating community and local officials who are behind a project to preserve the memory of Holocaust victims who lived in the city.

The project entails the placing of the names residents on monuments on the sidewalks of streets where they lived before being deported by the Nazis to concentration camps. The project is several years old, and was undertaken with the full cooperation of the municipality and the Jewish community.

However, anti-Semites in the city have been doing their best to ruin the project. In recent weeks, many of the monuments constructed on the streets have been destroyed, as groups attempt to intimidate officials to drop the project. However, the anti-Semitic activity has now been raised a notch; over the weekend, a community member active in the project was shocked to find his front door scrawled with anti-Semitic graffiti. In addition, the man found a firecracker in his mailbox, which itself was also defaced and damaged.

Berlin Police were called in and opened an investigation. The community member told local reporters that he would not allow himself to be intimidated by the hate graffiti and the damage to his property – and instead would redouble his efforts to preserve the memory of all Jews who formerly lived in the city.