Arab rioter arrested in Jerusalem
Arab rioter arrested in JerusalemIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Dozens of Arab Muslims rioted in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday, hurling rocks at Israeli police and setting ablaze garbage bins, a police spokeswoman said.

"Dozens of Palestinians threw rocks at police forces near Nablus Gate. Two of them were arrested," said Luba Samri.

An AFP correspondent said some of the demonstrators were carrying banners which called for a "third intifada," or anti-Israeli uprising.

The "First Intifada" began in 1987 and lasted into the early 90s. The so-called "Second Intifada" was in fact a massive pre-planned terror war launched by Yasser Arafat, Hamas and other enemies of Israel in 2000 and lasting into the mid-2000s. 

The protest Saturday was an extension of the demonstrations held in the Old City earlier this week to mark what the Arabs regard as the "Nakba" (catastrophe) of the Jewish state's creation on May 15, 1948, she said.