Rebels fighting against Syrian strongman Bashar Assad's forces have published a shock video showing one of them eating the heart of a dead rival.

This is a link to the extremely disturbing video.

Some in Israel saw the video as further proof that the U.S. is pursuing a wrongheaded Middle East policy. David Haivri of the Samaria Regional Council commented on the video, saying that "Syrian rebels are committing war crimes and proud to display this on the internet. If these animals win the war they will be glad to eat our hearts and abuse our women.

"The USA's lightheaded actions in the Middle East are a threat to Israel," he added.

Meanwhile, deadly weekend car bombings in a southern Turkish city "have galvanized domestic opposition to the government's steadfast support for Syrian rebels amid fears that Turkey is being dragged into the bloody conflict across its border," the Los Angeles Times reported.

"The chaos of Syria has been transported here," said Faruk Logoglu, deputy chairman of the opposition Republican People's Party, speaking Monday from Reyhanli, close to the Syrian border. "This is a direct result of the government's Syria policy."

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has allowed Turkish territory to be used as a logistics and organizing base for armed rebels opposed to Assad.