Rabbi  Wolowik
Rabbi WolowikArutz Sheva

Rabbi Zalman Wolowik, Chabad Emissary to the Five Towns area of Long Island, delivered a special holiday message to Arutz Sheva viewers.

In it, he explains why the Israelites accepted Torah unquestioningly, saying – according to the Torah account – "naaseh venishma" – "we shall carry it out and we shall listen to it," in that order.

The fact that the Israelites apparently agreed to follow the Torah even before "listening" or thinking about it, has been discussed extensively by the sages. Rabbi Wolowik adds his answers to this age-old question, and explains that Torah's influence can be felt and seen everywhere.

The holiday of Shavuot marks the day on which the Israelites received the Torah from G-d, by means of Moshe Rabenu, or Moses.