Dr. Mordechai E. Schwarz
Dr. Mordechai E. SchwarzCourtesy

Dear Professor Hawking,

I heard this morning on the radio that you decided to cancel your attendance at Israel’s President's Conference, and joined the academic boycott against Israel. You could not have chosen a more appropriate date than May 8th, the day Nazi Germany surrendered in 1945 and the day I joined the "occupation" army of Israel in 1985, to speak out loud and clear against occupation and oppression.

I would like to express my appreciation for your brave protest. I am sure that this is only the first step. There is a lot of occupation and oppression in the world, implying that your clear and brave anti-occupation voice will loudly be heard.

As you know, Britain is still occupying and oppressing Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Gibraltar, the Malvinas and many other territories around the world. Therefore I expect you to join my call – Boycott Britain.

Sweden is still occupying Lapland. Thus, I expect you to call to – Boycott Sweden.

Spain is still occupying and oppressing the Basques and Catalonia. No doubt that you are going to call to – Boycott Spain.

Russia is still occupying many territories in Europe and in Asia. Surely you will call with me to – Boycott Russia.

Italy is still occupying Lombardy and other provinces. I am sure that I express your opinion in calling to – Boycott Italy.

The United States is still occupying Indian territories and denies the Indians their right to self determination and an independent state. In addition, the United States is still occupying California, Texas, New Mexico and other territories taken forcefully from Mexico in 1848. Thus, I am sure that you will join me in calling to – Boycott the United States.

Canada is occupying Quebec. I can hear you calling: Vive le Québec Libre – Boycott Canada.

All white-man states in the Americas were established on the ruins of occupied Indian territories. So – Boycott America.

China is still occupying and oppressing Tibet. Let’s unite in our call to – Boycott China.

Australia is still occupying and oppressing the Aboriginal Australians and denies their right to self determination and an independent state. Thus – Boycott Australia.

Turkey is still occupying Alexandretta, Northern Cyprus and part of Kurdistan. Let us call together to– Boycott Turkey.

Iran is still occupying and oppressing Waziristan, Baluchistan and a portion of Kurdistan. Undoubtedly your conclusion is to – Boycott Iran.

Iraq is still occupying the remainder of Kurdistan. Your famous consistency implies – Boycott Iraq.

Syria is occupying Jebel Druze and denies the Druze right for self determination and independent state. Clearly, your next call is – Boycott Syria.

The Arabs are still occupying and oppressing the Assyrians and other minorities in the Fertile Crescent and Northern Africa countries, implying that you shall soon call – Boycott the Arabs.

This is only a partial list of occupations and oppressions around the world. However, since the Israeli occupation seems to be the oldest timewise (starting to measure time at the Big Bang), the biggest spacewise, and above all – the most awful and terrible, no doubt that you were quite correct by targeting Israel first in your anti-occupation boycott campaign.

Still, I am sure that terrible Israeli occupation will never dull your moral sensitivity to "smaller" wrongdoings.

Dr. Mordechai E. Schwarz, of the Department of Economics and Management at The Open University of Israel, is the author of several books and numerous articles on economics, public policy, and Jewish law. He is the winner of the 2011 Tager Prize for an outstanding article on Jewish Law