Min. Naftali Bennett
Min. Naftali BennettIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett unveiled a new plan Thursday aimed at providing a fast response to industry crises.

Under the new procedure, dubbed the “Red Phone,” any branch of industry that is facing significant losses for whatever reason will merit a personal, immediate response from Bennett.

Bennett spoke about his plan in a meeting with representatives from the Manufacturers Association of Israel. He also pledged that manufacturers’ appeals to the Trade Ministry would be answered by a staff member within 48 hours.

The manufacturers’ representatives welcomed Bennett’s plan.

Bennett told industrialists, “I believe in the market, and I think we need to promote manufacturing and initiative. People who create value stand at the top of the social order.”

“When it comes to integration in industry, you will be involved,” he added. “Our main goal is the issue of opening markets: ‘Open Skies’ and the matter of the ports.”

Bennett said his three main goals are to promote economic growth, bring down the prices of consumer goods, and help hareidi-religious men to integrate in the workforce. He said meeting these goals was a national emergency project, explaining that political considerations limited the time in which the government could bring them to fruition.