Communist rally in Jerusalem (file)
Communist rally in Jerusalem (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Supporters of communism and socialism around the world will celebrate on Wednesday, May 1, which is widely known as International Workers’ Day (May Day).

In Israel, they will be met by counter-protesters from the New Liberal Movement, who plan to remind them of the millions of “victims of communism.”

“One hundred million victims of murder are not a cause for celebration,” explained Boaz Arad of the New Liberal Movement. “That is an ‘optimistic’ assessment of how many people communist regimes have murdered worldwide, whether with a bullet to the head, exile to a gulag, with torture in a dark dungeon or by creating an extreme shortage of basic goods – whether intentionally, or as a ‘side effect’ of ‘redistributing the wealth.’”

A statement from the movement said, “On May 1, we will stand opposite those who protest in favor of some of the worst genocidal murderers in history, and we will commemorate the tens of millions whose only ‘sin’ was to live under the red flag, who suffered from the terrible plague – the red plague.”

“We as Jews protest the minority that denies the Holocaust of six million Jews, and rightfully so,” said movement member Motti Heinrich. “Academia, teachers, the entire official world used to deny, and currently ignores, the one hundred million victims of communism.”

“In the 20th century we experienced the failure of the greatest social experiment in history – the implementation of socialism. A failure that drowned in a river of blood and ongoing misery. The first of May should be a memorial day,” he concluded.