IDF soldiers
IDF soldiersIsrael news photo: IDF website

The IDF is in the midst of a sudden major drill in northern Israel. The exercise began Sunday with an emergency call-up, and will conclude at the end of the week.

Roughly 2,000 reservists were called up suddenly to take part in the drill.

The exercise was created due to recent threats from Israel’s northern neighbors, Lebanon and Syria.

“This is a special drill, the first of its kind, which simulates a broad-based call-up, and follows the process from the [reservist’s] home to the meeting point, and reflects the real situation regarding the force’s preparedness,” a senior IDF source said.

“The drill includes a change in the division’s mission; the division must create a new combat procedure based on a new operative plan within 48 hours,” the source continued.

A second officer explained that the drill is meant to simulate a sudden escalation of a security threat, and to test the IDF’s ability to recruit its reserves network quickly and update plans. “The drill basically tests the ability to show operational flexibility… The scenario being played out involves Lebanon, a development that leads to a deterioration [in security],” he said.

“It could just as easily have been Syria or Gaza or any other front,” he added. “Preparedness is needed there, too.”