Maasiyahu Prison
Maasiyahu Prison Flash90

Ten guards and an inmate were lightly affected by smoke inhalation when a fire broke out at a factory in the Maasiyahu Prison in central Israel. The factory was used to build wood furniture, and the fire broke out when scraps of wood ignited. The prisoner and four of the guards were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Large numbers of firefighters and police converged on the site, in order to ensure public safety and order, and to put out the fire before it spread. Firefighters were still working to put out remnants of the fire Sunday afternoon.

Earlier firefighters put out a large fire that broke out in Yad Rambam, a small farming community near Ramle. Other fires broke out in various areas in southern Israel. Firefighters were able to bring all of them under control. No injuries or damage were reported in any of those blazes. Firefighters are investigating the causes of the fire, to determine if arson, aggravated by the hot weather, was a factor in any of them.