Fire (file)
Fire (file) Flash 90

Two people were slightly hurt in fires that broke out throughout Israel Saturday. Hot, dry weather is partly to blame for the fires.

Two fires broke out in northern Israel, one in Karkom, in southern Golan Heights, and the second in Yavniel, west of the Kinneret.

Four fire crews from the Galilee-Golan Unit worked to put it out, with the assistance of a firefighting plane.

The residents of six homes were evacuated from the homes when firefighters fought to take control of the flames. An hour later, they were allowed to return to their homes.

At Yavniel, too, west of Kinneret, a large brush fire broke out on a mountainside. Fire teams from the Tverya (Tiberias) Station fought to control the flames.

No one was hurt in these northern fires.

At the Ben Shemen Forest in central Israel, not far from Modiin, a fire began spreading and cause two hikers slight burns. They were hospitalized for medical care. The fire appears to have been caused by a barbecue that was left alight.

A brush fire raged earlier near the Kababir neighborhood at Haifa. Fire crews were able to bring it under control.

Near Rosh Haayin, a factory burned down and more than ten fire crews were working to take control of the flames. All of the firefighters were ordered out of the building when it became apparent that the building might collapse. Residents of Hamelacha Street and the southern neighborhoods of Rosh Haayin were told to stay indoors and shut the windows.

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