Offering the Passover sacrifice
Offering the Passover sacrificeIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Wednesday, April 24, is “Second Passover,” the day on which in Bible times those who had been unable to offer the Passover sacrifice during the Passover holiday would get a second chance. Many have the custom to mark the day by eating matzah. 

Temple Mount activists are marking the day with a more elaborate celebration. They will hold a seudat hodaa – a festive meal giving thanks to G-d – to celebrate both Second Passover and the capture of terrorists on the Temple Mount who had attacked police with firebombs.

Both the police officers manning the Temple Mount, who were the terrorists’ target, and the senior police officers responsible for exposing the terror cell have been invited to Wednesday’s celebration.

Police and Temple Mount activists often clash over restrictions on the Temple Mount. Police want Jewish visitors to the holy site to abide by restrictive rules in order to avoid arousing Muslim anger, while activists want police to allow Jewish worship at the site.

During Wednesday’s meal of thanksgiving, rabbis who are scheduled to speak will call to end restrictions on Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount and to allow Jews to fulfill Torah commandments at the site.

Activists will also celebrate the day with an ascent to the Temple Mount, where they plan to read the Bible verses which mention Second Passover.