Sharansky addresses Masa
Sharansky addresses Masa Public relations

At a Memorial Day ceremony in Latrun Sunday evening, Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky told Masa program youths that the thought of the Prime Minister's heroic brother Yoni helped him through the most difficult moments, when he was held in Soviet jail.

"All those years that I was in prison, whenever I was told that I can be sentenced to death, I thought about Yoni Netanyahu. He was 29 when he fell and I was 29 when I was arrested. If he did it, I also have to do it.

"And each time when I heard the engine of the airplane in Siberian [skies], I thought about Israeli airplanes. And I remembered about Entebbe. And I knew that a day will come when an Israeli airplane will come to take me out of prison. And this day came.