Minister Bennett
Minister BennettIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Economics Minister Naftali Bennett recently received a threatening letter, sources in his office said. Police are investigating the source of the letter, which promises that Bennett will “end up like Ariel Sharon.”

Bennett received the letter last week, after the Ramle Conference, where he presented his specific proposal to ensure that all Israelis served in the IDF. According to the plan, all 18 year olds, including those from hareidi yeshivot, would be drafted, with an exemption given to no more than 1,800 top students.

“A curse, not a blessing, upon Naftali Bennett,” the letter said. “You were the subject of a 'pulsa d'nura' ceremony,'” it added, referring to an alleged kabbalistic ceremony in which the subject is supposedly cursed with death. “You should not defy Torah scholars” who oppose drafting hareidi yeshiva students, the letter said.

“The curse will soon reach your home – already there is no peace in your household, and your life will get even more bitter,” the letter continued. “You will begin fearing many things. From today on your life will be ruined. You try to hide it, but your body language tells the truth. Your destruction will come from your own seed, your children. You will end up like Ariel Sharon,” in a permanent coma, unable to function but still alive – until he dies, the letter adds.

Police are investigating the threat. Bennett did not comment on the threat, or the letter's contents.