MK Avigdor Lieberman
MK Avigdor LiebermanFlash 90

Israel must ignore calls to wait when it comes to Iran's nuclear program, former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday, the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.

The failed talks this weekend “prove that in this generation, too, defending the existence of the Jewish people will remain the task of the state of Israel,” he said.

“After all, the only state that Iran is threatening to destroy, while developing nuclear weapons, is the Jewish state,” he said.

“We must not listen to those who tell us to sit quietly and wait,” Lieberman said. “We waited in the 30s, and we saw what happened in the 40s.”

Israel’s enemies use modern technology to express hate, he said.

“Of course there is no comparison, but we see that in every generation Israel’s enemies use progress and technology to try to fill their primitive, backwards anti-Semitic urges,” Lieberman said.

“From the dawn of history, from the slavery in Egypt which we remembered just two weeks ago with the Passover seder, to the terrible Holocaust, to today, when our enemies attack us with stones and on the internet, our task is to ensure that no Jew, in Israel or elsewhere in the world, will be hurt for being Jewish,” he declared.

The online group Anonymous targeted bank and government websites alongside civilian sites on Sunday. For the most part it failed to cause disruption, but the online attack, which was announced in advance, succeeded in getting media attention.