Filmed by Akiva Novik

The traditional Birkat Kohanim mass priestly blessing took place Thursday morning at the Kotel. The event beganwith the shachrit morning service at 8:15 AM, with the first blessing taking place at approximately 9:00, and the second one, for the musaf service, at approximately 10:00.

The event attracted tens of thousands to the Kotel, and was broadcast on the Internet for Jews around the world to view. Thousands of police were on hand to ensure the safety and security of those attending. No major security or safety incidents were reported, police said. All roads in the Old City in the area of the Jewish Quarter and the Kotel remain closed to private vehicles.

Beginning at noon, the large concert in Hevron, with some of the top stars in Chassidic music, will take place. Arutz Sheva will broadcast the event live.