Touring Sebastia
Touring SebastiaShomron Regional Council

Israelis will be able to visit numerous sites and attractions in Samaria throughout the Passover holiday, IDF Binyamin Brigade officer Elitzur Trebelsi told Arutz Sheva in an interview. Trebelsi said that there was a great deal of interests from Israelis throughout the country to visit these sites, which according to army regulations require deployment of IDF troops to ensure the security of visitors. Trebelsi said that the army opened these sites several times a month, but that they would remain open for the entire week of Passover.

Among the sites that will be open will be Har Kabir and Har Gezirim in the area of Shechem, said Trebelsi. Also open will be Sebastia, the ancient seat of the Northern Kingdom. Roads to the site will be open to private vehicles, with parking available at the site. Generally, only bullet-proof buses are permitted to drive to Sebastia when the site is open for visits.

Groups will also be visiting several sites that are rarely open, including the areas of Har Eival, where an altar built by Joshua is located, and Sartava, in central Samaria.

Trebelsi said that the fact that the sites were open indicates that security in the region was good, and that security would be tight. He said that it was the policy of the IDF to allow access to as many sites as possible, when possible.

Trebelsi said that thousands were expected at the sites, and that the IDF was happy to ensure their safety.