The IDF is prepared for the Pesach holiday, after weeks of staff work and logistical planning.

The IDF's Food Center will supply bases, camps and outposts with a special menu for the Seder and subsequent week-long holiday.

In preparation for the holiday, the military acquired 75 tons of matzot, 6.5 tons of Nile perch, 35 tons of various kinds of meat, about 7.2 tons of matza flour, which is used for making "kneidalach," and about 14,000 bottles of grape juice.

For dessert, about 7 tons of marble cake, chocolate cake and cookies will be served.

Soldiers who will be on duty at guard positions and outposts during the Seder itself will enjoy a festive meal, which will be brought directly to them. The soldiers will receive a personal Seder kit that will make it possible for each one of them to celebrate the Seder according to Jewish halakha.