HevronFlash 90

Israel on Thursday expelled three foreign leftist activists who, along with Israeli leftists and Palestinian Authority Arabs, rioted and caused a disturbance in Hevron, near the Cave of the Patriarchs.

The incident began when about 30 demonstrators, carrying PLO flags with some wearing masks of U.S. President Barack Obama, arrived in the area and began to riot.

Security forces who arrived at the scene tried to prevent the procession from continuing and tried to prevent the rioters from entering the Jewish community in Hevron.

The activists, however, refused to listen to the security forces and continued the disturbance, leading to the arrest of one PA Arab who was wearing a mask of Obama on his face and who led the procession.

Police from the Judea and Samaria Division said that after the Arab was arrested, two PA Arabs along with two Israeli leftists and three foreign activists (from the Czech Republic, Denmark and Germany) started attacking the security forces in an attempt to free their friend.

Additional forces were called to the scene and arrested the seven on charges of obstructing a public servant, assault and breach of military order.

During the investigation it became clear that the first Arab who was arrested had attacked a Jew, grabbed his camera and threw it, causing it damage. The two Israeli leftists were banned from the area.

The two PA Arabs were brought to the military court at Ofer, where they were released on bail and promised not to violate any military orders restricting entry into areas in Judea and Samaria.

The three foreigners were deported back to their countries of origin.

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