Aryeh Green, Director of “Media Central”, a Jerusalem-based center that provides support services for journalists based in or visiting Israel, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the various ways the organization prepared for the highly-anticipated visit of President Barack Obama and helps the foreign press gain a fuller, more comprehensive understanding of the realities on the ground.

Green said the center helps journalists understand different sides of the issues and the strategic nature of the security cooperation between Israel and the Unites States, as well as the shared system of values between the two countries.

The Center brings in experts in the field to speak to the foreign press to assist them in further grappling with the nuances and complexities of the realities on the ground and the potential prospects for peace, given the threats of the region

“The media has a difficult job researching and reporting the news at the best of times and in the most friendly of environments,” the center’s website explains. “In a foreign country, in the midst of often-violent conflict, a journalist faces numerous obstacles to efficient and effective reporting. Unfamiliar languages, cultural barriers, changing players, deadlines geared to home-country clocks, potential physical dangers and other issues combine to make reporting from the region a tremendous challenge.”