Meeting between John Kerry, President Obama a
Meeting between John Kerry, President Obama a Reuters

US Secretary of State John Kerry is set to return to Jerusalem on Saturday to meet Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after the visit of President Barack Obama, a US official confirmed.

"Secretary Kerry will likely meet PM Netanyahu on Saturday to review the results of the president's visit following his stops in Ramallah and Amman," the State Department official said in statement to AFP.

The two leaders were set to meet in Jerusalem "to discuss next steps on the key issues," the official added, asking to remain anonymous.

Obama on Wednesday arrived in Israel for his first visit as president, vowing an "eternal" alliance with the Jewish state as it faces Iran's nuclear threat and perilous change in the Middle East.

Kerry is already in Israel, having arrived on Tuesday to join up with the US president and accompany him on further stops to meet with Arab leaders in Ramallah and Amman, Jordan.

The top U.S. diplomat has said he is interested in exploring ways to revive the Middle East peace process, which has stalled since the last American initiative collapsed in late 2010.

Despite Obama’s long-awaited visit to the region, there are few hopes that the "peace process" will be revived. Over the years, the Arab side to the conflict has consistently scuttled generous offers by Israel and opted for war, even at disastrous cost to itself.