MK Feiglin, Noa Rotman
MK Feiglin, Noa Rotman Israel news photo: Flash 90

The granddaughter of assassinated prime minister Yitzhak Rabin responded with a hurtful verbal volley to the appointment of MK Moshe Feiglin as Deputy Knesset Speaker, announced Monday.

The granddaughter, Noa Rotman, wrote on her Facebook page Monday, "I have never felt that I was in the Diaspora while I was still in my own homeland, as I do at this moment." The statement was quoted by Ynet.

"Feiglin is Deputy Knesset Speaker," she wrote. "The man who established 'Zo Artzenu,' the movement that stood in back of, in front of and beside the most irresponsible campaign of defamation. A campaign that brought the democracy here to a low point. That led to the murder of a serving prime minister in Israel."

MK Feiglin responded to the attack Tuesday morning.

"Good morning!" he wrote on his Facebook page.

"I wish to thank all those who sent me the warm congratulatory messages, upon my appointment as Deputy Knesset Speaker.

"While it is true I am gradually joining the establishment, there is no need to worry. I have not forgotten where I came from and where we are headed.

"As for the ugly utterance by Noa Rotman yesterday. According to Noa's logic, the leaders and supporters of the Oslo Accords can be blamed for the murder of about 2,000 people who have died until now, as a result of these accords.

"I did not find even one word of truth in her statement. They have all the elements that justify a juicy libel suit.

"But the truth is that I feel rather sorry for Noa, and I hope that she does not persist in this line of behavior and force me to file such a lawsuit."

Feiglin's lawyer sent Rotman a legal letter later in the day, asking if the publication of her statements in Ynet was accurate and demanding an apology if it was. If no apology is issued, the lawyer wrote, a defamation lawsuit will be filed.

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