Hizbullah Israel news photo: Flash 90

Hizbullah recently buried in Lebanon 38 of its terrorists who were killed on Syrian territory, the Lebanese Al-Joumhouria daily reported on Monday, quoting the rebel Free Syrian army.

“Most of them were killed in the Reef of Homs while four fighters were killed in Damascus,” the media head of the Free Syrian Army Fahed al-Masri, told Al-Joumhouria.

“The corpses were transferred secretly to Lebanon and arrangements for the burial were made after buying the silence of the deceased's relatives,” the newspaper reported.

It was hard to identify some corpses as a result of severe burns and injures, the report said.

Hizbullah has in recent months allegedly buried a number of terrorists killed in Syria, without publicly disclosing how the men were killed, or where.

Sources close to Hizbullah have said only that the men were killed "while carrying out their jihadist duty," the Lebanese-based Naharnet quoted.

On Sunday, a Hizbullah member killed in fighting in Syria was buried in southern Lebanon, several residents of the man's village told AFP.

Last July, as the ongoing civil war in Syria continued, the terror group led by Hassan Nasrallah publicly offered to place itself at Assad’s disposal.

But already several months earlier, a soldier from the Free Syrian Army told The Independent newspaper, published in the UK, that Hizbullah's Shiite Muslim terrorists are full military allies of the Syrian army and that "everyone knows they have fighters there."

U.S. and Middle Eastern officials said last week that both Iran and Hizbullah are building a network of militias inside Syria to preserve and protect their interests in the event that Assad’s government falls or is forced to retreat from Damascus.

Hizbullah’s number two, Sheikh Naim Qassem, said last week that he was confident that the Assad regime in Syria would survive.

Qassem also said that Hizbullah has an obligation to arm and train the residents of Syrian towns which border Lebanon.