Love Kills Terrorism
Love Kills TerrorismIsrael news photo: MFA / Hernan Churba

This weekend Israel's Foreign Ministry embarked upon a new counter terror operation to mark the 21st anniversary of the March 17, 1992 terrorist attack that left 28 people dead and 240 wounded at the Israel Embassy in Buenos Aires. Two years later, 85 members of the Argentine Jewish community were killed in an attack on a community center. In both cases, the attackers were never caught.

Nevertheless, the attack did not kill the spirit of the Jewish people, noted the ministry, which posted a special tribute to Argentina’s Jewish community and to the human spirit.

“In the terror attack, Carlos Susivech lost his daughter,” said the ministry in its campaign, posted Sunday on Facebook. “Today he holds his 12th great-grandson, proving that life and love and stronger than hate and terror.”

In the photo accompanying the statement, Susivech is shown holding up a smiling, healthy baby boy with dimpled elbows, in a scene captioned, “Love Kills Terrorism: 25 Years Later We Respond With Love.” Below, in smaller print, Carlos is identified as the “father of Graciela Susevich (victim) and 12 times great grandfather.”

The photo is part of an Israel foreign ministry public relations campaign to fight terror abroad with non-lethal means.

A second photo with a pregnant mother and two young daughters is entitled, “Life Kills Terrorism” and urges the reader to “Share the message – love is stronger than terror.

“In the terror attack, Rachel lost her father, Reuben Cacciato. Today she is 9 months pregnant, proving that life and love are stronger than hate and terror,” reads the text.

The series was snapped by master photographer Hernan Churba.