The Jewish index of the Bible
The Jewish index of the Bible Israel news photo: Yoni Kempinski

Teens Elior Bavian and Koren Kazas have been named the winners of this year’s national Bible Quiz for high school students. Elior learns in the Shaarei Torah yeshiva high school in Jerusalem, and Koren learns in the De Shalit public high school in Rehovot.

The two defeated 12 other contestants in the final round Tuesday.

Runners-up were Techelet Feigenson, who learns in the Leo Baeck school in Haifa, Liora Braverman, who learns in Darchei Noam in Petach Tikva, and Eliran Elyashiv, who learns in the Masorti High School in Jerusalem.

Education Minister Gidon Saar attended the final round of the contest. Saar congratulated all those who took part, saying, “All of the competitors may be young, but they all have something valuable and important – impressive expertise and knowledge of the Book of Books.”

“These youth who engaged in in-depth Bible study learned the history of our people and our heritage, and our national and ethical identity, in the best possible way,” he added.

“The Bible is the ethical framework for morality and love of the land, and engaging in studying it connects us all to our roots and our shared heritage,” he concluded.