At the event marking Rabbi Haim Druckman's 80th birthday, leaders in religious Zionism explained to Arutz Sheva what makes Rabbi Druckman such a unique figure.

Bayit Yehudi Chairman MK Naftali Bennett said, "Rabbi Druckman is a model for generations of his students of a person who serves his nation – the nation of Israel with the Torah of Israel – and treats everyone, big and small, with respect and dignity. I think we can never reach his level but Rav Druckman is my role model."

Author and Educator Rabbi Shalom Gold said, "We're talking about a birthday of a man who has been at least for 50-60 years involved in the growth, the development… giving strength and guidance and direction to the religious Zionist public. Unbelievable what the man has accomplished."

Author and educator Rabbi Yona Goodman explained that Rabbi Druckman's personal story bears the most relevant message that young people should get from the event. "Someone who hid from the Nazis; someone whose family – many of his family members – were exterminated in the ghetto; someone who came on aliyah alone at the age of 11.5; and became a parliament member, a winner of the Israel Prize, a leader of hundreds and thousands of people – his story is our story, a story of redemption."