Ramat Migron after police destruction (archiv
Ramat Migron after police destruction (archiv Arutz Sheva photo courtesy of Binyamin Residents Committee

Five people were arrested Monday in Ramat Migron after clashes between Jewish youths and Arabs, the Honenu legal rights organization said. Police arrested the youths – three males and two females – after they attempted to protest what they said was an attempt by local Arabs to illicitly encroach on land belonging to the community.

The youths said that Arabs from a neighboring village began plowing land that was clearly marked as belonging to Ramat Migron; in addition, they said, it had been made clear to local Arabs what the borders of the community were.

However, the Arabs entered the area and began working there. The youths said that the presence of Arabs so close to the homes of Jewish residents of Ramat Migron constituted a security threat, and they attempted to persuade them to leave. Police arrived on the scene and arrested them, taking them for questioning to the police station in Sha'ar Binyamin. They were represented by an attorney from Honenu, the organization said.

Eyewitnesses said that police used violence against the Jews protesting the Arabs' presence. One Jewish protester was reportedly beaten when he tried to film police activity with a cell phone. Police confiscated the device and erased the video, witnesses said. Honenu said it was investigating the charges.