Julio Acevedo
Julio AcevedoReuters

The hit-and-run driver accused of killing a young Hassidic couple and their baby in a horrific Brooklyn crash a week ago today is due back in court this Wednesday.

Ex-con Julio Acevedo is accused of smashing his loaned BMW into a livery cab that was on the way to the hospital with Nachman Glauber, 21, and his wife, Raizy, also 21. Raizy was pregnant, and her baby died, too.

Meanwhile, Pedro Nunez Delacruz, the livery driver who was behind the wheel, paid his respects to the couple's grieving family at the shiva, saying how “sad and sorry” he is about the tragedy. He was accompanied by Fernando Mateo, president of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers.

 “He explained to the them how sad and sorry he was about the circumstances, how he wished he would have died instead of the young couple, how he has a wife who’s pregnant and three children,” Mateo told the New York Post.

Mateo said the couple’s family does not blame Delacruz. “They told him, ‘Go on with your life. This was meant to be. This is what God wanted. This is what our religion tells us. And you have no culpability in what happened.”

Choking back tears, Delacruz said, “I have a three-year-old baby, and when I see him running around at home, I’ve got to cry.” He said he is traumatized by the accident and likely will not resume his driving career.