Nitzan Alon
Nitzan Alon Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Head of Central Command in the IDF, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon, gave orders at week's end to dismantle the fences protecting two Jewish communities, following the High Court's ruling in the matter.

The High Court found that the fences that surround and protect the communities of Ofra and Adam, in the Binyamin region, need to be dismantled because they prevent access to some Arabs' agricultural plots. The fences were allegedly built without the necessary approvals.

Maj. Gen. Alon reportedly decided not to wait for the construction of new fences on alternative routes, which could take 6 months. After the currently standing fences are torn down, beefed up IDF patrols will protect the communities without the aid of a fence.

The community of Ofra has filed a High Court motion against Maj. Gen. Alon, demanding not to tear down the fence. The community's leadership said that the temporary security arrangements are insufficient.