Irish broadcaster and journalist Vincent Browne, who called Israel a "cancer," has been honored with a lifetime achievement award from his native Limerick.

Browne was recognized at the Limerick Person of the Year 2102 awards.

The award comes a few days after Irish TV channel TV3 was ordered to apologize live on air for a broadcast in which Browne called Israel a cancer.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland or BAI, affirmed a complaint against the well-known TV presenter of “Tonight with Vincent Browne”, who said in 2012 that Israel was "the cancer in foreign affairs."

He went on to say that Israel is polarizing the Muslim community against the world and that the creation of Israel was a great injustice as it stole its land from the Muslims.

The BAI found that these comments did not meet the requirements of "reasonable, objective and impartial" broadcasting and noted that the remarks were "not challenged by the contributions of the guests of the program."

According to Your Jewish News, Browne defended his remarks shortly after the presentation and said that, "The reality is that the State of Israel was founded by the confiscation of land formerly occupied by the Muslims. Such injustice is at the heart of the conflict."

 The petition was filed by Paul Rossiter, who said he found the comments deeply offensive, which he considered anti-Semitic and indefensible.