British MP Alistair Burt
British MP Alistair Burt Reuters

British MP Alistair Burt attended a memorial ceremony for former Israeli ambassador Shlomo Argov, who was shot outside London’s Dorchester Hotel over 30 years ago, The Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported.

The ceremony, held outside the hotel in Mayfair, commemorated the death of the former Israel ambassador who was shot on the night of June 3, 1982, but died ten years ago from injuries inflicted by the attack.

Argov, who died aged 73 in 2003, was shot in the head at point-blank range by three attackers, affiliated with Abu Nidal's Palestine National Liberation Movement terrorist group.

Argov, who underwent immediate brain surgery, was paralyses for 21 years as a result of the attack.

“Ambassador Argov was a highly respected diplomat with a huge affinity for Britain. I was honored to pay my respects at the memorial service today,” said Burt, a Conservative MP for North East Bedfordshire, according to the JC.

One attacker was shot on the scene by security guards, while the other two fled. They were later arrested and all were convicted and sentenced to a total of 95 years in jail.

In June 2002, on the 20th anniversary of the assassination attempt, Israel Ambassador to Britain Zvi Shtauber said: "Shlomo Argov's life since that fateful evening illustrates the tragic capacity of terror to silence the very diplomacy that is needed to bring peace to all the peoples of the Middle East."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had called Argov a "symbol and example" of an Israeli diplomat manning his post and facing the world on the diplomatic front.