Ten Commandments medallion
Ten Commandments medallion Israel Coins and Medals Corporation

For the first time, Israel will be producing a set of gold coins commemorating the Ten Commandments. The Israel Coins and Medals Corporation has released a set of ten medallions, with a very high gold content level - .999 pure – that will feature symbolic graphical renditions of the Ten Commandments.

Each of the ten medallions features a work of art that describes the particular Commandment, along with the relevant passage from the Biblical Book of Exodus, where the Ten Commandments are listed. The opposite side of each coin shows a renditions of the Tablets of the Law, upon which the Bible tells us G-d inscribed the Ten Commandments. The logo of the Corporation, as well as its gold content, is also inscribed.

For Jews, the entire Torah is seen as the Word of G-d, but the Ten Commandments have always held a higher status due to the fact that they were revealed directly by G-d Himself to the Jewish people, who had just left Egypt. The Ten Commandments have a special place in the heart of the Jewish people, and indeed in the hearts of religious and secular people around the world.

Only 10,000 sets will be produced. Each coin has a diameter of 13.92 millimeters and a weight of 1.244 grams. The set is priced at NIS 6,490 (about $1,750).