Reading a newspaper keeps older brains sharp
Reading a newspaper keeps older brains sharp Israel news photo: Flash 90

IDF soldiers in the Home Front Command took part Tuesday in Good Deeds Day. In Haifa, 130 soldiers visited a local nursing home.

The soldiers played games with residents and spent time talking and listening to their stories. In addition, the young soldiers introduced the elderly residents to the world of Israeli youth with manicures and assistance in navigating Facebook.

“I taught one of the men how to use Facebook,” related soldier Noam Gigi. “I opened an account for him and he was really excited.”

“We agreed that I would visit him at home and show him how to enter Facebook from his home computer,” he added. “He wanted to be in touch with his grandkids and didn’t have a way to do that, so now he has a way to talk to them and see their pictures.”

Home Front Command commanders said the visit to the nursing home was important not only as an act of kindness, but for the soldiers’ mission. The Home Front must be connected to the populace it works with, they explained.

Roughly 20 soldiers in the Haifa area visit the nursing home every Wednesday, they said.    

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