A video posted to the internet provides further proof that IDF deterrence is at a dangerous low vis-à-vis the violent parts of the Muslim Arab population in Israel.

The video shows a convoy of Border Police vehicles passing through a street in eastern Jerusalem. Local children and youths proceed to attack the force at close range, hurling rocks and cinder blocks, and slamming various objects, including a supermarket cart, into a jeep.

The Border Policemen inside do not leave the jeeps. All they do is to drive threateningly in reverse on a couple of occasions, and hurl some tear gas canisters.

The IDF has issued extremely strict orders to soldiers, to avoid violence against the Arab population in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem at virtually all cost. These orders are generally seen as the result of a combination of international pressure, leftist behavior by the press, and leftist influence within the Israeli legal system.

As a result, hostile Arabs exhibit brazenness at unprecedented levels. Several similar videos have been posted in recent months, including one showing Arab children throwing paint on an IDF convoy at Nabi Saleh.