Marathon (illustrative)
Marathon (illustrative) Flash90

Many preschool teachers and daycare workers in the city of Jerusalem say the planned route of the Jerusalem marathon will leave them unable to reach work on the day of the race. Many roads will be shut down for the race on Friday.

In an attempt to prevent the race from leaving daycare centers without staff, the city has ordered preschool teachers and other employees to either find a way to reach work or find themselves a replacement. In addition, any employee who misses work due to the race will not be given paid leave for the day.

However, daycare workers say the order is “clearly unreasonable” and have written to the Education Ministry warning that the order violates labor laws. “The preschool teachers are ready and willing to do their jobs, but the option of doing so has been closed to them… In any case, it is clear that their absence on this day is not of their own doing,” they wrote.

“This also hurts the daily routine of preschool children,” they warned. “It’s important to note that children at this age are used to being cared for by a certain teacher, and a replacement like this could have a negative impact.”

The workers are seeking an immediate order from the Education Ministry stating that the city of Jerusalem must either provide suitable transportation on the day of the race, or give daycare centers the option of closing down on Friday.

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