PurimIsrael news photo

Students at the Tomchei Temimim yeshiva in Tel Aviv want every Jew to have a chance to hear the megillah (Book of Esther) on Purim. With that in mind, they are planning round-the-clock readings for this Saturday night, the night of the Purim holiday.

Readings will be held once an hour, on the hour, in a tent in Dizengoff Square in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Many people who do not consider themselves religious may wish to hear the story of Esther on Purim, but be put off by the idea of going to a synagogue, explained Rabbi Danny Druckman.

“There are people who get a little stressed by going to synagogue, so they come to us,” explained Rabbi Druckman, who is affiliated with the Chabad movement.

Rabbi Druckman said he expects thousands of people to  come to hear the megillah being read on Saturday night. Chabad is ready with thousands of mishloach manot packages – the Purim mitzvah in which gift packages containing at least two cooked or ready-to-eat foods are sent to one or more friends or neighbors.

“We already ordered fifty kilograms [110 pounds – ed.] of hamentaschen with poppy seeds,” he added. That may be a disappointment to those who prefer them with prune or apricot filling.