Judea highway
Judea highwayIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Palestinian Authority resident criminal gangs continue to target Israeli drivers for theft, and women travelling alone in particular. Two women escaped attempted carjackings at the last minute on Monday evening.

The two told Arutz Sheva their stories.

“At around 9 p.m. I passed through the Hizme junction on my way home, and suddenly I lost control of the car,” one recalled. “There was something on the road that made the car slip sideways.”

She pulled over to see what was wrong, and a car immediately pulled up behind her. “I meant to get out of the car to check the damage, but when I lifted my head I saw young Arab men laughing as they walked up to me and I understood the situation I was in,” she said.

She managed to restart her car and drive off before the men reached her.

Minutes later, a second female driver found herself trapped in the same experience. Her car slipped sideways, she stopped to regain control, and immediately several young Arab men pulled up behind her and began to surround her car. Fortunately, she, too, managed to drive away in time.

Police say they have managed to reduce the number of carjackings in Judea and Samaria after a long period in which the crime was becoming more and more frequent.

Two weeks ago an Arab crime gang stole an Israeli woman’s car in Samaria (Shomron). The woman, who is five months pregnant, was dumped at the side of the highway late at night. Thankfully she was not hurt, and managed to make the trip home on foot.