The grave of Ben Zygier
The grave of Ben ZygierReuters

A Rishon Lezion court on Tuesday authorized the release of part of a report on the investigation surrounding the imprisonment and death of Ben Zygier, also known as “Prisoner X.” The decision came as the result of requests by several groups, including Zygier's family, the Australian government, several media outlets, and watchdog groups.

The court added that the groups could appeal to reveal further details of the report that the court decided were too sensitive to be released.

Among the details revealed in the report: Zygier “definitely” committed suicide, and was not “disappeared” by Israeli authorities for threatening to reveal or revealing Mossad secrets. He killed himself using a sheet that was in his cell.

However, even though his death was self-inflicted, the report said, the Prisons Service and others responsible for Zygier's detention and imprisonment were not without guilt in the matter. “It is very possible that the Prisons Service officials involved in the case could be charged with death by negligence,” the court said, since they clearly did not take the necessary steps to prevent Zygier's suicide.

Taking all the evidence into account, the court added, “there seems to be enough evidence to say that it was the errors of the Prisons Service that caused Zygier's death.”