Border with Egypt
Border with Egypt Israel news photo: Flash 90

A four-man Israeli security delegation arrived in Cairo on Thursday afternoon, the Jordanian-based Al Bawaba website reported.

According to the report, the delegation will take part in talks about the peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The members of the delegation, who flew in using Israeli military aircraft, were received by members of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service, according to Al Bawaba, which cited a report in the Egyptian Al Masreyoon website.

Official sources who spoke to Al Masreyoon said the visit by the Israelis would last no more than a few hours.

The talks will be chaired by the Egyptian intelligence chief, Mohamed Raafat Shehata, the report indicated, and will include discussions of the alleged recent Israeli airstrike in Syria and the deteriorating security situation in the Sinai Peninsula.

Security cooperation between Israel and Egypt has been maintained even after the election of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President Mohammed Morsi.

Egypt's president has repeatedly said he would continue to maintain the peace with Israel and uphold international documents signed by prior Cairo administrations, amid opposition from his Muslim Brotherhood backers, who have called for a jihad (holy war) to "liberate" Jerusalem.

At the same time, recent video clips released by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) have revealed anti-Semitic statements made by Morsi before his election.

In one TV interview in 2010, Morsi referred to Jews as "occupiers of Palestine" and as "blood suckers and war mongers, and descendants of pigs and apes."

Morsi later insisted that the comments were taken out of context. However, a second clip released by MEMRI showed Morsi calling for Arabs to raise their children on hatred of Jews.