The scene of the crash
The scene of the crash Boaz Ben Ari

The funeral for Yinon Levanon, of Susiya, is being held on Sunday night. Levanon, 28, was killed when an Israeli driver who was speeding, transporting in his vehicle a number of illegal Arab workers that he was planning to smuggle into Israel, hit Levanon's vehicle. It was not clear if the driver was an Israeli Arab.

Levanon's killer was trying to escape from police, who were in hot pursuit. He crossed a solid white line and hit Levanon's vehicle head-on. Three other people were lightly injured in the crash. They were taken to a hospital in Beersheva for treatment. The incident occurred on Road 60, not far from Meitar.

Levanon's funeral is to be held Sunday night, leaving from the family's home in Susiya and proceeding to the local cemetery. Levanon leaves behind parents and ten brothers and sisters.

Akiva London, a spokesperson for Susiya, told Arutz Sheva that Yinon, the second child of one of Susiya's founding families, decided he would remain in the town and set up his own household there. “He was very optimistic,” said London. “He looked at the positive side of life, and even during periods where an observer might have thought he had things to complain about, he would say that everything was fine.”

London added that this was not the first time that drivers had attempted to transport illegal Arabs past the security fence from Judea and Samaria. London said that he had alerted police numerous times regarding breaches in the fence that had apparently been used by transporters to move illegal PA Arabs into Beersheva and points beyond.

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