MK Hotovely and her fiancee
MK Hotovely and her fianceeYoni Kempinski

For MK Tzippy Hotovely, being sworn in for her second term as a Knesset member was nice – but what's really exciting, she told Arutz Sheva, is the fact that she will be getting married soon.

Hotovely was sworn into her second term on Tuesday, an event that by itself one would think would have plenty of emotion and excitement – for most people. But as it happened, Hotovely's fiance, Ohr Alon, asked him to marry her two days earlier, on Saturday night. So it's understandable if her swearing-in was a bit overshadowed by that previous event.

Alon, 30, an attorney from Kochav Yair, and Hotovely, 34, have received accolades and congratulations from friends, family – and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who sent the couple what Alon described as a “very impressive” floral arrangement. “It's nice that even in the cynical world of politics, people make room for the things that are really important,” Alon said.

Alon was accompanying Hotovely to her swearing-in. “It's a new world for me,” he said. “Very interesting and exciting.”

For Hotovely, the swearing-in was nice – but nothing compared to the engagement. “It's exciting to be here in the Knesset, but I am really excited about something else, the upcoming wedding,” she said. “Let's say that I'm excited to be in the Knesset as an engaged woman.”

Hotovely said that the couple had gotten congratulations from many people whom they do not even personally know. “We are getting greetings from people who feel like a member of their family is getting married. I want to take this opportunity to thank those who congratulated us, and to send our fervent hope that each person find their mate,” she said.