Jordan Valley checkpoint
Jordan Valley checkpoint Israel news photo: Flash 90

A manhunt is underway for a Palestinian Authority resident who broke through a checkpoint and attempted to run over Border Police officers.

The incident began when officers at the Rantis checkpoint in the Binyamin region north of Jerusalem asked the man to stop for an inspection. Instead of stopping, he sped ahead through the checkpoint, then spun around and drove towards the officers.

The quick-thinking officers managed to avoid harm and began to shoot at the escaping man’s tires as he sped away. The shots missed and the man escaped.

The incident took place one day after a PA resident woman attempted to carry out a terrorist attack at the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Maarat Hamachpelah) in Hevron. The 21-year-old woman tried to smuggle two large knives through an inspection point at the entrance to the holy site.

She was caught and arrested and taken for investigation. During the investigation she told officers that her plan had been to stab a soldier, “as revenge, because they hurt me once in the Tel Aviv area.”