In recent weeks the IDF has had to deal with the release of several video clips harmful to its image, including films taken by Arabs in Judea and Samaria showing soldiers appearing to run from rioters.

In response, the army is bringing "combat documentary” onto the front lines. In recent exercises in the Kfir Brigade, some soldiers were given cameras in order to provide full coverage of operations.

“When we look at the challenges in the north and south, in Judea and Samaria and elsewhere, we in Kfir understand that bringing the right pictures from the battlefield can affect the outcome,” Colonel Udi Ben-Mouha told the IDF website.

“There’s no writer who will do it in our place, not from the front lines,” he added.

The Kfir Brigade is now concentrated in Judea and Samaria. “Recording events is part of our routine security operations in Judea and Samaria,” Mouha said.

“In sensitive places like Judea and Samaria it even has implications on the diplomatic level, and we have to tell the whole story,” he explained, “and to help the IDF show different aspects of our operations in the region.”