Mosques on the Temple Mount
Mosques on the Temple MountFlash 90

Moshe Feiglin, newly elected as an MK with the Likud party, ascended the Temple Mount on Wednesday. Feiglin visits the holy site on the nineteenth of every Hebrew month.

For the first time, he did so without fear of arrest. Feiglin has formerly been detained at the site for allegedly praying or bowing, but he now enjoys parliamentary immunity.

Jews are forbidden to pray or show outward signs of worship at the holy site due to fears that doing so would anger Muslims praying at the Al-Aqsa mosque on the mount. Police who arrested Feiglin last month for bowing said he would face charges, but so far no charges have been filed.

The Association of Temple Mount movements congratulated Feiglin, and praised him “for choosing to ascend to the Temple Mount as a first step after his election.” The group added, “We hope the topic of the Temple Mount remains a top priority for other nationalist MKs as well.”

The association accused police of continuing to violate Jewish rights at the site. “The police, who cannot prevent MK Feiglin from entering anymore, did indeed allow him to enter the Mount this time, but in order to prevent media attention to his visit they did not let the rest of his group, around twenty people, enter with him,” sources in the group accused.

Jews have the right, protected in law, to visit their holiest site, they added. “The police will not be able to harass upright citizens who did nothing wrong indefinitely. Ultimately the police will be forced to recognize the new trend of Jews putting the Temple Mount first – as MK Feiglin did,” they warned.