Nurse at Rambam Hospital
Nurse at Rambam HospitalIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Hospitals along the northern coast report their beds are filled with patients suffering with influenza, which can sometimes be deadly, particularly when it strikes young or frail children, or the elderly, with other underlying medical conditions.

In particular, hospitals in Haifa reported Monday they had reached full capacity in most departments following a night in which the emergency room was flooded with patients.

Rambam Medical Center reported a large intake overnight in the children’s units as well as in departments treating adults for the seasonal flu virus, according to a report broadcast Monday morning on Army Radio.

A similar report came from Haifa’s Bnei Zion Hospital, where the census had also reportedly reached maximum capacity.

In Netanyahu, Laniado Hospital reported that occupancy reached 55 percent over its maximum capacity on the patient floors – but the medical center said it would keep its doors open anyway.

The hospital stressed that if a flu patient feels a worsening situation, such as difficulty breathing, high fever or any other symptom, the patient should “hurry to the hospital for treatment” right away.

“Despite the overload at the hospital, health stands above all, and the hospital staff will address every patient,” said the medical center in a statement.

Laniado Hospital was founded and is funded in part by the Sanzer-Klausenberger Hassidic dynasty.