Netanyahu and Sa'ar
Netanyahu and Sa'ar Flash 90

Speaking to reporters immediately after the results of the projections by Israeli television stations were reported Tuesday night, Likud minister and MK Gideon Sa'ar suggested that reporters “get the hatred out of their eyes” and “get used to the idea that Binyamin Netanyahu has won the elections and will be the next Prime Minister.”

Immediately after the projections were announced, television reporters began speaking of the Likud's “crash” and the “lack of faith” shown by the electorate. Sa'ar admitted that the Likud had a problem. “When we merged with Yisrael Beiteinu it was for the purpose of expanding the party base. But polls in recent weeks showed a trend that indicated this was not a successful idea.” Sa'ar said that in future elections the Likud would reconsider its political tactics.

Meanwhile, he said, Netanyahu would immediately begin the work of establishing a new government – and that the government needed to be as large as possible. “We want a wide basis for the government to meet the challenges we face,” Sa'ar said. “We will invite all Zionist parties to join us. The elections are over, we must look to the future, and the Prime Minister leading us into that future will be Binyamin Netanyahu.”

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